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About Print Shop

Why should you choose Print Shop KK?

Our main target is on full colour printing business card market, which was traditionally operated by small family-based companies which is costly and inefficient.

We aim to provide business card production service to our customer within the shortest period, at the lowest cost and the highest quality. By combining all these factors together, it results in our ultimate goal of providing customer satisfaction, which is key towards our success.

There is always room for improvement, so we love hearing your voice! Input your valuable comments and feedback, so we can act quickly and appropriately to cater to your needs.

About Print Shop

More Shop, More Convenient!

We are the leading regional one-stop print shop with everyday low prices for your one-stop printing convenience.

We operated from our own factory in the region with over 200 staff worldwide plus our professional Heidelberg offset sheefed printing presses. We have established as a leading regional market players, with over 30 branches in Hong Kong, Macau, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Malaysia started in 2007.

We believe in providing the Best in Value for our customers. We know that our customers are seeking for good quality printings but do not want to pay more than necessary. Getting your marketing collaterals printed in full colour is no longer a costly investment. Click here to view our current promotion.


印館 = 印刷便利店型式

印刷產品: 名片、宣傳單張、貼紙、Folder、書冊、紙袋、環保袋、信封、信紙、餐紙、NCR單簿、VIP咭…等

噴畫產品: 易拉架 (Pull Up Bunting)、X架、戶外帆布、相紙、PP萬用貼紙 (Synthetic Sticker)、PP合成紙 (Synthetic Paper)、Foamboard、車身貼、燈箱片、透明貼…等


我們現於東馬設有三間分店。近期將陸續開設多家分店,於沙巴州其他區域及砂勞越州。 日後能做到便利店的方便感覺,多謝客戶們能給予我們多些意見。